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One for the ladies!
Glamour girl
goddessofchaos wrote in thememecomm

1. What are your favourite parts of your body?

2. And your least favourite?

3. Have you ever had a boob job, or do you want one?

4. If you could have one cosmetic surgery for free, what would it be?

5. Do you have any tattoos? If yes, what are they? If not, why not?

6. Do you diet?

7. Do you wear make-up most days? If yes, what do you wear? If no, why not?

8. Do you ever go to the beauty salon? What for?

9. Are you happy with your hair type? What would you change about it?

10. Do you dye your hair? If so, what color? If not, why not?

11. Do you put polish on your finger nails? Toe nails?

12. What jewelry do you wear usually? Do you have one piece you wear every day?

13. What piercings do you have?

14. Do you wear the latest fashions?

15. Do you like clothes shopping?

16. Do you prefer to dress up or dress down?

17. Does your underwear have to match?

18. Shoes with heels or flatties?

19. Do you have more shoes, or more bags?

20. What are your favourite perfumes and fragrances?

21. Do you shave/wax your legs? Underarms? Bikini area?

22. What do you wear on the beach – bikini or swimsuit?

23. Would you wear a mini skirt?

24. Would you rather show your legs or your cleavage?

25. What is a fashion or look that you really dislike?


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